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(dated Dec. 16, 2016)

Now we have a lot of tractors !!! 😛 

— UPDATED tractor list —

Please contact us to have NEW LIST, you will find quality tractors!

219a 306e

Several tractors are coming to yard everyday.

094a 250a

contact to —>  [email protected]

person : Ms. Hitomi Oikawa

tel : 81 6 6753 7029 (Osaka Japan)

O-kini ! 🙂  (Thank you in Osaka way)


Inspection of Radiation
(dated June 13, 2011)

Our tractors yard is located 800km from Fukushima nuclear plant.
The inspector NKKK (Nippon Kaiji Kentei Kyokai, which has licensed by the Japanese Government)
inspected contamination of radiation for our tractors.    It was 0.04-0.07μsv/h which definitely clear the Customs all over the world.    We could arrange the Survey report which issued by NKKK.


NOZAWA Trading, Osaka Japan –
Established in 2005 to export useful, reliable, and reasonable Japanese goods all over the world.

“Nozawa” is my uncle’s name. Old man who experienced war is praying for the world peace from the small town in Osaka.    He hopes that old people spend the time of their remainder happy life.    I named company name as ‘Nozawa Trading’ from his intention.    The pronunciation of “Nozawa” sounds like KNOW THE WORLD.

Yes, I like to ‘KNOW THE WORLD’ more!    Please remember!

We are trading several used Japanese products, but we are considering to expand business other field.    Because a lot of cooperative companies support us, we believe we can make good bridge from Japan.    As you know, the Japanese products are reliable, high performance, and durability.    But a lot of machines scrap due to old.    It is not ecology, it is too foolish.
What kind of products are there in Japan, but not in your country?

Please tell us your flash idea even if it seems impossible.    We are ready to open the new door.
Please email to —>   [email protected]

Ms. Oikawa
NOZAWA Trading, Osaka Japan
tel : 81 6 6753 7029




代表 及川
TEL : 06-6753-7029