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2. Used Vehicles

Welcome to Japanese Used Vehicle page!

We are exporting Mini trucks and Wheelchair access vans.

We usually call it Kei-truck. ‘Kei ‘ means small cc (660cc) vehicles.    It is smaller than cars, but has 4WD.
Japanese Kei-truck is very popular at suburb in Japan, for garden, for farm, for construction area, etc.
It is very useful vehicle.    Though we have seen many Japanese used vehicles all over the world,
we have never seen ‘Kei-truck’.      Especially, our 4WD is very rare.
If you are interested in this ‘Kei-truck’ business, please feel free to contact us!
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In Japan, we usually call the access wheelchair vehicles “WELCAB“.

WEL is for  “WELCOME”, “WELL”, and “WELFARE”.
People travel freely anytime, anywhere with “WELCAB”.
These designed by JAPANERE manufacturers, safety, reliable,
comfortable, and people get back smile.

Nozawa Trading support you and their happy life.