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TOFU maker

Have you ever made your home made TOFU?    We think, you say ‘NO’.
Making TOFU is very complicated because TOFU is soft and it takes a long time to make.
Heat adjustment is the most difficult.    If its not done correctly, TOFU will be broken.
Our TOFU maker, the machine make delicious/softly TOFU in 12 minutes sharp.    Amazing machine!!!
kinu1 beans

making TOFU

after 12 min.

Machine use JOULE system (First in the world, the smallest joule system machine.)

Machine’s specification :

  • size : L x W x H = 23.5 x 18 x 12 (cm)
  • weight : 1.4kgs.
  • maximum capacity : 1.000cc (about 3 chyo of TOFU)
  • power supply : AC100V 750W
  • materials : metal plate titanium (TP270C) JIS-1grade (confirmed)

including :

removable sheet , ladle, recipe book, how to clean up, how to use.

removable sheet



To make TOFU by this machine, prepare 12-15% density of soy milk.
However, beverage soy milk is 2-8%  which is not enough to make tofu.
We uploaded “how to make TONYU for making tofu”.
You need dried soy beans (500g) and pure water!
You can make soft, sweet and healty TONYU!

click here to see manual to make tonyu.

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